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Hakalan Sauna:

Tradition And Modern Luxury In The Same Sauna Experience

Hakalan sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna at Halssila suburb in Jyväskylä, Finland. The sauna was originally built in 1950 for stone workers who used to mine paving blocks at a nearby quarry. Besides sweaty and gritty workmen, also their families and Halssila residents enjoyed Hakala’s steamy baths over the course of four decades.
In the early 1990’s Hakalan sauna was sold to a private owner and so the public sauna activity stopped. In 2018 Jyväskylä’s sauna society Yläkaupungin Saunaseura ry bought the facilities and decided to bring Hakalan sauna back to life. A lot of work had to be done to renovate the worn out and old fashioned premises, but thanks to many donations and volunteer workers, the project was completed in one year. After a long while, the first scoop of water was finally thrown onto Hakalan sauna’s massive, wood-burning stove in August 2019.

Bathe and Enjoy!

Since then Hakalan sauna has been a place for relaxation and good times not only for locals but for tourists as well. The traditional sauna has a modern twist with cosy led-lights and high-tech showers in the bathroom. There’s also a luxury outdoor hot tub where you can relax and watch the beautiful, clear Finnish sky and the view over Jyväsjärvi lake.
Please come and enjoy Hakalan sauna’s gentle atmosphere during our opening hours! You’re also welcome to enjoy our special events like gentle yoga in the sauna or a pampering peat sauna experience. Hakalan sauna can also be rented for private occasions such as a revitalizing evening with friends or coworkers. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

Opening hours:

Women – Wednesday 5 PM – 9 PM (8 €)
Shared sauna – Thursday 5 PM – 9 PM (8 €)
Shared sauna – Saturday 4 PM – 9 PM (10€)

For Saturday’s shared saunas please bring a bathing suit.


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